About Me


I've always had a knack for creativity and a strong affinity for computers. In 2010, I stumbled upon a 10-week introductory web design course being held in Galway. The very first class delved into HTML and Photoshop, and it felt like a switch flipped in my mind. I returned home from that class completely changed – it was a defining moment for me. That initial exposure to web design became my passion, and ever since then, I've been captivated by the world of designing for the web.

While I was in the middle of this course, an old friend from school came to me with a problem. He had had a website built for his company but it was not very impressive. I took a look at it and immediately pointed out design flaws and issues with the flow of the site. My friend asked me to redo his website and I jumped at the chance. It was the most fulfilling task I had ever undertaken. Beautifying the website engaged my creative mind, while putting myself in the users shoes engaged my empathetic side. I managed to add lustre to the site as well as ensuring the user experience was smooth and seamless.

If the course had sparked the designer in me, this project had fanned the flames. With a new found surety and propose, I went about securing more freelance web design projects over the coming months. With each successful solo project my skills grew. Lacking however, was the experience and camaraderie only working as part of a team can provide. With this in mind I started an internship in an app development company at the end of 2011.


The best part about working for a startup is you take on many different role. I was a graphic designer; designing all the branding and websites for the company and for clients. I curated all the user interfaces for the apps and furthered my knowledge of user interaction and user experience.


As I felt a change of pace was required I took up a role in a local printing company. This was a perfect mix up web and graphic design and allowed me to learn from some inspiring and insightful designers. This company was family run and my colleagues and I enjoyed every minute of working together while creating friendships and bonds that still endure.


My current employer Shopify had proven itself an innovative and exciting company and I have spent most of my time here working as a Front End Developer. I instantly connected with the company culture and have been extremely fortunate to work beside some truly inspiring developers.


For the last 3 years I have also been working on my gluten free food blog as a side business and passion project. This initially became possible due to my increase in free-time as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. Building this brand, designing and marketing products has been a fantastic experience. it has proven an invaluable opportunity to really follow my own creative and entrepreneurial impulses and I am extremely proud of the result thus far.


This year I started working on an app to help people find gluten free options easier. After designing and planning for the last year, I am now currently in the development phase and building React web app. Stay tuned for more.