gluten free galway girl website


Gluten Free Galway Girl


Project Type

My Gluten Free food blog


Begin -> May 2020

Product Launch: September 2020

My Role

Visual design, UX design, interaction, branding, web development, marketing strategies, testing, SEO

Project Brief

Gluten Free living is a challenge for people who are restricted to this diet for medical reasons. This website needs to be a source of inspiration for new coeliacs. A place where they can look up recipes and read about gluten free experiences around Galway and the world.

The Challenge

Many food blogs are slow to load and a there is a lot of text on recipe pages. This means there is too much scrolling and the user usually you drop off before getting to the recipe.

A recipe filter is really important that can filter our the types of meals and allergens.

Clear and simple easy navigation, users needs to know where they are at all times.

The challenge for a new brand to sell products is big when people don't know you and know if they can trust your site. The blog is also a was to raise awareness for Coeliac Disease and gluten free living.

Build an email subscriber list up from 0. Social media is without a doubt an extremely powerful tool, however you can't rely on it to be around for ever. Building up an engaged email subscriber list of people who are genuinely interested in this brand is key to long-lasting success.

Many print on demand stores use the product image that is generated by the app. It is important to use real life images for products so the user can get a feel for what the product might look on or in real life.

The Solution

I implemented simple recipe pages, where the ingredients are listed on the left and directions are on the right side. This makes it really easy for the user to follow along while they are baking.

gluten free blog recipes

Blog posts are super important for search engine optimisation. Writing blogs about experiences with Coeliac disease and gluten free options in Galway and abroad will drive traffic to the site.

Trust and credibility in the site and products must be there. After each order the customer receives an email with the promise of a discount code if they give a review. The product reviews will help reassure customers and get more sales. Shipping and refund policy will also increase credibility.

gluten free blog reviews

I found that users did not use the static newsletter sign up on previous versions of the store. After adding a popup banner on the scroll on the homepage has been much more effective in getting email signups.

A clear and obvious navigation is essential on a food blog, so the user can pop back to the blog or recipes that they want.

I used the Place-it website to create to get real life mockups of all the product images to provide a good first impression so that they are interested to explore the product.