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Diamond & Wolf



Project Type

Helping a friend launch their business idea


Begin -> 16th May

Product Launch: July 2022

Phase 1 -> 1 Week -> Research + user interviews

Phase 2 -> 2 Weeks -> User flow, wireframe, style guide, branding, mockups

Phase 3 -> 3 weeks -> Build

Phase 4 -> 1 week -> Testing

My Role

Visual design, UX design, interaction, branding, web development, advice on marketing strategies, testing, SEO

Project Brief

Design the branding and logo for website dedicated to nail polish wraps.

The Challenge

The client is essentially selling nail stickers, or the buyer would need to be convinced why they should buy them. The client needed the website and branding to look trendy and luxurious.

Another challenge is that the nail wraps take a little practice to apply and need to be done carefully to make sure they last long and get the most customer satisfaction.

The users are Women: Age: 16 - 60 and located in Ireland. These users will currently be getting expensive and time consuming shellac and other types of gel nails.

Branding and customer experience will be very important for this store, need to keep customers coming back.

The objective of this design will be to have the branding and website be a seamless user experience - expensive and luxurious feel while simple and easy to use.

The Solution

We gave samples to friends to try the nail wraps and give feedback. These friends included women who currently go to nail salons and ones who have no interest in nail art.

We found that first time customers will have a hard time getting used to the wraps. The tutorials for applying the stickers need to be obvious so the customer knows what to do. I recommend giving an extra free sample to the customer when they order so that they can practice.

I conducted a lot of research into the competitors in this market and researched websites selling similar products.

For the client to make a good profit, they will need the user to add multiple products to the cart as they will have a low price.

The user will need to be encouraged to add multiple nail strips to the cart, possibly by BOGO free offers. Recommend not having the “buy it now” button on the product page and not direct the user to the cart page after they click “add to cart”.

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Reviews will be a very important part of the site, because the product is not so common users will need reassurance before purchasing. I have researched the best apps for reviews where customers can upload photos of the product and give their rating. It will also be necessary to have an email sent to the customer automatically, so they can give a review after they receive the product and have time to try it out. Incentivise by offering a discount code in the email.

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To help get repeat customers, a discount code will be added into the packaging to the customer.